Func'onality and aesthe'cs characterize our plasterboard construc'ons. Thanks to our excellent know-how and many years of experience, we offer complete solu'ons for interior building applica'ons, a large selec'on of plasterboard types and the best market prices. We can handle any work, regardless of size and diYculty, always usingthe most up-to-date and quality materials and the most up-to-date techniques.  Always taking into account the needs of your place, we use the plasterboards to create a stylish and func'onal result.

We guarantee the 'mely delivery of your work, always respec'ng the pre-agreed 'mes. We handle each project with responsibility, professional consciousness and respect for the customer.


We provide complete thermal insula'on systems for the protec'on of your building both outside and insideWe cover all thermal insula'on needs as we undertake:External insula'on
  • Internal heat insula'on with plasterboards
  • Thermal insula'on of buildings with cement boards
  • Thermal insula'on of roofs
  • Thermal insula'on is applied to both exis'ng and newly-built buildings
The applica'on is done by laying heat-insula'ng slabs on the exterior of the building elements, such as concrete, bricks, old plaster and then coa'ng with special thin coa'ngs instead of conven'onal plaster. In this way we cover our building externally and we have up to 60% energy saving for hea'ng and cooling.

In addi'on to having a signi+cant reduc'on in hea'ng costs in the winter and for cooling in the summer you do a great good to the environment.

The durability and quality of the materials we use in conjunc'on with our know-how is a guarantee for an excellent result.